Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry is the most important ministry at Brashers. It is what produces the power we need to do all that God calls us to do. We are a praying church and you will find that is a part of every other ministry here. Anyone can be involved in this ministry at any time. The only requirement to be a part of this ministry is a desire to see God work.

Altar Ministry

Our altars are always open for prayer and in is a great encouragement to those who come to bring their cares to the Lord to have prayer warriors surround them and join them as they bombard heaven.

Prayer Walks

Periodically prayer walks are planned to encourage fervent prayer. They often meet early in the morning for a period of time. The walk begins with an opportunity to share specific requests and is followed by a walk where we pray silently.

Intercessory Prayer

This is a ministry that allows anyone to be involved in praying for specific needs of others at any given time.

There are many other opportunities to be involved and we will list those as they are scheduled.